Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives…it’s a simple, proven fact. PTG will not compromise your safety and only installs Australian compliant-standard smoke alarms hard-wired to your 240-volt mains supply. 

South Australian Law requires all homes built after January 1, 1995, to have a hard-wired smoke alarm. PTG’s experienced and trusted electricians can fit your home with a quality smoke alarm and follow it up with routine maintenance checks and eventual replacement after ten years. We can also install vibrating pads and special lighting for the hearing impaired.

PTG also know the best places to install your smoke alarm and how many you’re legally required to have within your dwelling. Don’t compromise your family’s safety…ask PTG to install a quality, hard-wired smoke alarm today or check out our Fire Protection Services to see how we can protect your assets.

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