Power Loss Adelaide

Power Loss Adelaide

A lot of power loss Adelaide homes experience can come from tripping household appliances, overloaded power boards, faulty circuit breakers and even faulty wiring. Luckily, it can be easily fixed with one simple phone call to the trusted professionals at PTG.

Up there with no hot water, power loss is an inconvenience that happens to the best of us. If your street is not blacked out, it means the problem is somewhere in your home. Sometimes it’s easy to detect like a dodgy toaster, but other times the problem could be beyond simple detection. Fortunately, the professional electricians at PTG are experts at electrical fault detection and will find and fix it fast.

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Electrical Surge Protection

Power surges from events like a lightning strike or an internal switching issue can result in over-voltages and cause severe damage to white goods, appliances and electronics. Electrical surge protection in the form of a professionally-installed surge arrestor from the specialists at PTG protects networks and equipment from these power surges. Give yourself peace of mind and call PTG to ensure your expensive household items are protected.

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